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Rabbit Hole

This is the story of how I began with #thekarmicpath and crossing over souls, most of them were victims of child trafficking and organ harvesting.
Somehow these souls would find me.

Sometimes the connection comes from any interaction I would have with the subject of missing children, like reading an article.
It begins as I find myself out of body and in some sort of catacomb system under the ground filled with so many souls
who were trapped.
These tunnel systems were extensive and intricate. There would be these rooms that were offshoots of the tunnels.
Many times, these rooms would have child ghosts in them, torture devices, and even these ceremonial alters.
Many of these children never saw the light of day.
Some had been conceived and born down in these tunnels, while many other children were stolen or sold.
Their ghostly souls were always extremely weak because their fear never left them, even in death.

Before I could begin to cross them over, I had to learn how to gently raise their frequencies
so that their frail little souls did not perish in the transition.

There are no words, actions or emotions to describe how hideous this is.
I learned right away, it’s not mine to judge.
No matter how a person lived or died, Every-Single-Soul needs to be crossed over.
Including those who perpetuate torture so that they don’t rule the underworld and can no longer impact the living on the 3rd dimension from the 4th dimension.

💫I thank all humanitarian organizations especially #savethechildren, #shynesandiego, #operationundergroundrailroad for the work that they are doing in our communities and across the world

💫 I thank my spiritual teams #angels for the consistent support and strength and with love honoring them. I share this with you!

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 Author / Speaker / Educator / Remote Viewer / Soul Advocate / QHHT: Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique Specialist

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