Interdimensional Travel: Lost in the Matrix

Interdimensional Travel: Lost in the matrix
There were countless mornings where I would wake up with unexplained bruises, scratch marks on my wrists and ankles.
I would have welts on my arms and looked like I had been in a fight.
It wasn’t until I looked into the mirror that I saw something that absolutely terrified me.
There were three small scabs from blood droplets on my forehead.
I was seeing the physical signs from my experience rescuing and crossing over the souls of children who have been lost in the 4th dimension showing on me in the 3rd dimension.
It was at that moment I realized that I was making a difference.
I now know the importance of understanding the concept and the role of cognitive dissonance.
Cognitive Dissonance is the state of discomfort when two concepts contradict each other, such as pedophilia and ritual abuse in the church, child trafficking through CPS and sex offenders as predators within the victim’s own families.
True lightwork is not for the faint of heart. True spiritual work is hard work.
This work needs to be done to save this planet and to save souls and unite them with Source or God.
I am grateful to my amazing spiritual team 💫 who have helped and guided me through this for several years.
The work I have done and will continue to do, is part of a collective with many other lightworkers whom I know are dedicated and with me raising the frequency and consciousness of this planet.
Together with them, I send thanks to every one of you who have helped by raising awareness of #humantrafficking and #childtrafficking. I thank those who are rescuing and assisting the victims of SRA and child trafficking.
Together with #teamwork we are creating change.
I love you!
Special thanks to these and every humanitarian organization dedicated to this cause like #truckersagainsttrafficking #ourrescue #shynesandiego and to all working to stop #crimesagainsthumanity #savethechildren

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